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Air source heat pump water heater Sep 27, 2016

Air-source heat pump water heater is used primarily by compressors, heat exchangers, axial flow fans, holding tanks, pumps, tanks, filters, electronic expansion valve and electronic automatic controller and other components. Connected power Hou, axis flow fan began running, outdoor air through evaporator for hot Exchange, temperature reduced Hou of air was fan discharge system, while, evaporator internal of workers quality endothermic vaporization was inhalation compressor, compressor will this low voltage workers quality gas compression into high temperature, and high pressure gas into condensation device, was pump forced cycle of water also through condensation device, was workers quality heating Hou sent to for user using, and workers quality was cooling into liquid, the liquid by expansion valve throttle cooling Hou again into evaporator, so repeatedly cycle work, Thermal energy in the air is constantly "pump" sent into the water, the water temperature in the tank insulation increases, finally reaches 55 degrees Celsius, just right for people to take a bath.

Air-source heat pump is one of the world's most advanced energy products. With the rapid economic development and the improvement of people's quality of life, have become necessities of life with hot water, but the traditional water heaters (electric water heaters, fuel oil and gas water heaters) has serious disadvantages such as high energy consumption, costs and pollution and energy-efficient solar water heater operation is restricted by weather conditions. Air source heat pump heating principle distinct from the conventional solar water heater, air-source heat pump for low temperature heat sources, such as air, water, solar energy, air-source heat pump with electric energy power draw heat from the cold side to heat water, hot water through the circulatory system directly into the user as the hot water supply or use the fan coil for heating of small area. Air source heat pumps are by far the school dormitories, hotels, bath places such as large, medium and small hot water central supply system is the best solution.