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Ground-source heat pump Sep 27, 2016

Ground-source heat pumps is the use of shallow geothermal resources (also known, including groundwater, soil, or surface water) in both heating and cooling energy efficient air conditioning equipment. Ground source heat pumps through the import of a small number of high quality energy (such as electricity), implemented by the low grade heat energy to the high temperature heat transfer. Respectively during the winter as a heat pump, heat and cold source for cooling in summer and in winter, the heat energy out, increased temperature, supply heating in summer, out of indoor heat, released into the can to. Usually ground-source heat pump uses 1kWh of power, users can get a 4kWh heat or cold.

Sales channels of the heat pump market in China is mainly Enterprise proprietary pattern, proxy pattern, and a mixture of model categories.

Direct mode is the Enterprise set up in around the branches directly or send the business operation, this mode is mainly dominated by commercial jet, consoles, this mode is less. Direct mode by corporate power and capacity constraints, difficult to grow. Agency of the distribution system all over the modes are factory set up, expanding channels, sending business counseling in the early work, later by the dealer to complete the market operation, the problem with this model is business and the interests of dealers and game are often the consequences of the separation of the two channel instability. The third is a mixed-mode. Chi Institute Advisory data, from some businesses in the surrounding market uses a direct sales model, and distribution system in the overseas markets. From the perspective of industry, distributor model accounted for a significant proportion. On the whole, building sales channels of the heat pump industry is still in its early stages, is very suitable for channel mode and channel management is still not quite sure.