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Heat pump Sep 27, 2016

Heat pump technology is a popular new energy technology in the world. People familiar with the "pump" is a mechanical device that can increase the potential energy, such as pumps, water is mainly from low to high. "Heat pump" is a nature of air, water or soil to obtain heat through energy work, providing devices that can be used by people of high energy.

Heat pump (Heat Pump) is a device for low heat transfer heat to high heat, and popular new energy technology in the world. It is different from the familiar potential energy machinery and equipment can be improved – "pump" heat pump is usually from one of nature's air gets low grade thermal energy, water, or soil, after the electrical work, and provides high temperature heat that can be used.

Heat pump system working principle is consistent with the principle of the refrigeration system. To figure out the heat pump principle, first of all, to understand the principle of refrigeration system. Refrigeration system (compressor refrigeration) generally consists of four components: compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttling valve. Its working process as follows: low temperature and low pressure liquid refrigerant (such as freon), first in the evaporator (for example air conditioning indoor units) from the high-temperature heat source (such as air) heat and vaporize into low-pressure steam. Compressed in the compressor and refrigerant gases at high temperature and pressure steam, high temperature high pressure gas in the condenser is the low temperature heat source (such as water) cooled to condense into a high-pressure liquid. Through the throttle element (capillary, thermostatic expansion valve and electronic expansion valve, etc) throttle as low temperature and low pressure liquid refrigerant. So complete a refrigeration cycle.

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