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High temperature air-source heat pump Sep 27, 2016

High temperature air source heat pump from the literal understanding refers to the heating water temperature is higher than 60 degrees Celsius (that is, high temperature hot water) or air temperature can reach 80 degrees Celsius above the heat pump (ie: high temperature heat pump). Selling conventional heat pumps on the market today, conventional hot water temperature is 55 degrees centigrade, and the next-generation high temperature air source heat pump can produce up to about 85 ℃ high temperature hot water, can be used in electroplating, pasteurized, slaughter, glass washing, dyeing and finishing industries.

High temperature air source heat pump operating principle is: the use of irreversible Carnot cycle principle, by natural (hot air), get a low temperature heat source, system integration to be efficient collectors high temperature heat sources to obtain (for) the warm, dry or hot water supply.

High temperature air can hot pump of four advantages: first, energy-saving, conducive to energy of utilization, high temperature air can hot pump is put air in the of low temperature heat absorption came in, after compressor compression Hou into for high temperature heat, its energy-saving effect quite significantly; second, conducive to environmental protection; third, hot and cold combined, equipment application rate high, save out investment, IV, because it is electric drive, regulation compared convenient.

Compared to electric boilers can save more than 50% of electricity consumption, and reduced the regular replacement of heating pipe problems than traditional coal boilers and oil-fired boilers, no pollution, no emissions, safety, eliminating the need for annual screening, eliminating the need for a professional boiler, automatic temperature control, running costs are also significantly reduced 50%. High temperature heat pump can complete a special heat pump heating and cooling needs in the field. In General, high temperature air source heat pump using special compressor, refrigerant and system of special.