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History of development of heat pump Sep 27, 2016

Early 19th century France scientist Al-Saadi. Kano (Sadi karnot) was first proposed in 1824 "Carnot cycle", which became the origin of heat pump technology. 1852 United Kingdom scientist Lord Kelvin (L.Kelvin), frozen device can be used for heating, reverse Carnot cycle heat pump used for heating ... He first presented a formal heat pump system, then known as the "thermal multiplier". Many scientists and engineers to research of heat pump, research studies have lasted for as long as 80 years.

1912 Switzerland Zurich successfully installed a river as a low heat source heat pump used for heating, this is the early days of water-source heat pump systems, is the world's first set of heat pump systems. Heat pump industry developed rapidly in the in the 1940 of the 20th century to the early 50 's, domestic heat pumps and heat pumps come into the market for industrial buildings, heat pumps into the early stages of development.

In 21st century, with the "energy crisis", a fuel price rise, improved developed heat pump with its high efficiency low temperature ambient heat recovery, energy saving and environmental features, again on the stage of history, becomes the most valuable new energy technology.

Former International Energy Agency set up the international heat pump Centre, establishment of a heat pump to promote engineering (Heat Pump Programme), Governments around the world to promote coordinated development and application of heat pump technology. The United States, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Korea and other specialized official guidelines issued by Government, promote the social application of heat pump technology.

Development of heat pump in the world, China work on heat pump starting about 20-30 years later. After the founding of new China, with the arrival of the new industrial construction, heat pump technology introduced to China. After entering the 21st century, due to China's rapid urbanization, the growth of per capita GDP, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo and other factors promote the development of China's air conditioner market, contributed to the heat pump is widely used in China, a very rapid development of heat pump, heat pump technology of continuous innovation.

Heat pump start from 2001, after 5 years of cultivation, the heat pump industry in China started from the import period. Rapid development of heat pump industry, on the one hand thanks to the energy shortage and heat pump energy-saving advantages become even more obvious, on the other hand and the joining of efforts in promoting technology innovation has a lot to do with it.