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The principle of air-source heat pump Sep 27, 2016

Air heat pumps are in accordance with the "inverse Carnot" principle, reverse Carnot cycle principle. Through the operation of the compressor system, absorbs heat from the air made hot water. Specific procedures are: compressor will compress, compressed temperature refrigerant through condensers made of hot water in the water tank, refrigerant back to the compressor hot-swap for the next cycle, in this process, air import refrigerant heat absorbed through the evaporator, refrigerant in imported water, hot water. Through the compressor air-heating new water heater, air-source heat pump water heater. Figuratively speaking, that is, "outdoor unit" compressed air like a pump, the air temperature increases, then a-17 will boil liquid conduct heat to the Interior of the tank, then heat conduction to the water.

Heating using heat pump and air conditioning refrigeration refrigeration instead--country standard is 1000 watts and electric refrigeration 2800 Watts. According to the principle of balance, but at least 2800 Watts of heat generated, plus enter 1000 watts of electricity, actual heat 3000--4000 tile, heat transfer to the tank insulation, its power consumption is only one-fourth of electric water heaters (electric water heater efficiency 100%, enter 1000 only 1000 watts of heat).

Air heater does not need sunshine, therefore at home or outdoor. Therefore, most machine manufacturers are split and divided into one machine, solar water heater after water runs out of the store, it's hard to produce hot water at once. If heating takes a long amount of time, and air heater as long as there is air temperature above zero degrees Celsius, it can be run 24 hours a day under pressure. That way, even if out of a tank of water, an hour or so and it will produce a tank of hot water. While it's still fundamentally eliminating the electric water heater leakage, dry and gas water heaters use harmful gases and other security risks, overcoming rainy days a solar water heater and install the inconvenience of the shortcomings cannot be used, with high security, high energy saving, long life, does not emit fumes and many other advantages. Air can be the life of the water heater can be reached 10-15.