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Advantages Of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Jun 15, 2017

  Advantages of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

  High efficiency and Energy saving: Unit energy efficiency is high, making heat. Generally input 1 degrees of electricity can output 3-4 degrees of energy.

  High safety: Heat pump and refrigerator, air-conditioning, it is through the electrical energy driven working quality in the vacuum from low-temperature to high-temperature heat transfer, electricity is not directly contact with the heater is therefore a safe product.Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Water and electricity isolation, no open flame, no leakage, to ensure personal safety.

  Green Environmental Protection: the use of heat pump technology, and other conventional hot water equipment (such as: fuel boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, etc.) compared to save 65 operating costs, pollution-free environment.

  Durability:Swimming Pool Heat Pumps The use of advanced titanium and titanium metal water heat exchanger, can withstand the erosion of chlorine ions in water, the shell using high-quality double-sided galvanized steel plate, durable.

  With the development of our country's economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people's awareness of health care is not only a sports competition,Swimming Pool Heat Pumps but more and more people like swimming and fitness.

  Suitable for indoor and outdoor swimming pool and aquarium of the hotel, hotel, Villa, school, public place etc.