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Air-source Heat Pump Central Hot Water Project Lead Times Sep 27, 2016

With the improvement of people's living standards, new demands on the quality of life, today's increasingly serious air pollution, air pollution, water pollution, more and more attention to environmental protection and reduce waste emissions from sources the basic measures to contribute to environmental protection.

At present, the large central heating equipment most used fuel or gas-fired hot water furnace pressure, it also uses steam boiler to generate steam through a heat exchanger to produce hot water. Oil or gas furnace energy due to its flammable nature and emission pollution of the environment, in the social context of the growing importance of the environment, are increasingly limited use on different occasions. The rapid development of air source heat pump industry in recent years, increasing market capacity, the increasingly prominent problems such as environmental pollution, industry trend is more obvious.

Air-source heat pump Central hot water project is hardly affected by the weather, with round-the-clock hot water, wind, rain, day and night, 24 hours a day, production and supply of hot water. Solar water heaters was sunny only hot water, afternoon and evening use, other weather and night with hot water in the morning need to rely on other sources of energy, in many parts of the country to solar water heater accessories for more than 40 ℅.

In today's energy saving and emission reduction have become the trend of the times, saving energy, reducing carbon emissions is the most fashionable lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, air-source heat pump Central hot water engineering is the inverse Carnot's principle, energy transfer from the air to the water, not the direct heating element heating, so the energy-efficient electric water heater can reach the 4 times, that is, heat equal amounts of hot water, power one-fourth of the electric water heaters, significant savings in electricity consumption. China's power is generated by burning coal in thermal power plants 70%, saving power means reducing carbon emissions.