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Analysis Of Frosting Of Heat Pump Jul 12, 2017

  Analysis of frosting of heat pump

  Air heat pump problems in the winter, mostly due to the system caused by unreasonable match. such as:

  1, in the winter using the summer conditions of the design selection, to the cold winter, the air can heat pump hot water unit on the lack of water production in the unit heating efficiency of a long time to run, even by the automatic protection program to stop the unit , Thus affecting the user's normal water use and use.

  2, the system installation match unreasonable: a lot of heat pump project using a large cycle of installation, while hot water, while filling the cold water, the unit long-term operation at low temperatures, resulting in frost.

  3, the exhaust volume is not enough: air to heat pump hot water units in the cold winter areas of normal use, if the temperature is too low, high humidity areas, you need to strengthen the unit ventilation or take auxiliary anti-icing and other means, Regional characteristics to optimize the frost program, scientific and rational design and installation of the deployment. In this way, the air can heat pump hot water unit even in the cold winter can also meet the user's use.

  4, the lack of necessary environmental simulation experiments: air to heat pump hot water unit engineering design to take into account the different environments and different levels of use, but also the development of different defrost parameters. Such as defrosting time, defrost start temperature, defrost end temperature, need to be based on different regions of the minimum temperature and humidity settings of different parameters. If there is no environmental simulation of experimental equipment is difficult to achieve the desired results.

  Studies have shown that the main effect of frosting on heat pump performance is:

  1, blocking the inter-chip channel, increase the air flow resistance;

  2, increase the heat exchanger thermal resistance, heat transfer capacity decline;

  3, frequent defrosting, defrosting, defrosting process is an air conditioning operation process, not only can not produce hot water, but also need to consume the original hot water consumption, the discharge of frozen water back to the insulation cream , Resulting in further decline in water temperature;

  4, the evaporation temperature decreases, the energy efficiency ratio is reduced, the heat pump performance deteriorates until it can not work normally;

  5, because the unit can not work to the customer directly to the economic losses, until the fear of heat pump products, resulting in the whole industry into a more difficult situation.