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Application Of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater. Oct 24, 2017

Air source heat pump water heater application is very wide, applicable to the family, salon, beauty, hotels, hotels, factories, schools, hospitals, other enterprises and institutions dormitory and other places; can also be used in farming industry, industry and so on.

What is the cost of heating a ton of water for a water source heat pump water heater?

Air source heat pump water heater is the use of a small amount of energy to drive the compressor work, the use of refrigerant evaporation to absorb the heat in the air, the water heating. Heating a ton of water (heated from 15 degrees to 55 degrees, that is, 40 degrees temperature difference), need 10-12 degrees of electricity.

Air source heat pump water heater under what conditions easy to frost?

Air source heat pump water heater in the lower temperature, humidity, easy to frost in the environment, such as the temperature of 3-5 degrees, humidity 70% -90%, the most likely to frost.

What is the principle of air source heat pump water heater defrosting?

Heat pump water heater is the most basic defrost device is a four-way valve, and its defrosting principle is: When the Okay heat pump water heater operating conditions and operating parameters to achieve defrost conditions, through the circuit board to the four-way valve to the Its action to change the direction of flow of refrigerant, the use of hot water in the storage tank to the host air side heat exchanger frost out, but also the use of Carnot cycle principle.