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Comparison Of Efficiency Between Heat Pump And Different Heat Source Aug 07, 2017

  Comparison of efficiency between heat pump and different heat source

  Commonly used heating equipment including coal-fired boilers, gas boilers, fuel boilers, etc. are energy conversion equipment, from the viewpoint of energy, the highest energy conversion efficiency is 100%.

  As seen from the table above, energy conversion efficiency of the highest is electric heating can be as high as 95%. But electricity is a two-time source of energy, the original heat source may be coal, oil, gas, water conservancy, nuclear power and so on. Influenced by this layer, the cost of electric heating is generally higher. Unless the proportion of hydroelectric power is higher.

  With heat pump as a heat source, its energy efficiency can reach 400%~850%, does this mean that the heat pump can think of the law of Anti energy?

  No, the heat pump is not energy conversion, is the energy to move: Heat pump is the use of electricity, heat energy from one place to another to transfer energy, the transfer process is still energy is not extinguished. Using a unit of electricity, about 3 units can be moved heat, efficiency depending on the environment, working quality and heat pump design and different.

  Therefore, heat pump energy removal is still constrained by energy. Only its energy removal efficiency is higher, it will need to be cold and hot two point heat to move.

  So it can be seen from the above table, under different ambient temperature, the heat pump shows different summation efficiency.

  The total efficiency, including the total efficiency of refrigeration and heating, is described here.