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Detailed Air To Heat Pump 8 Major Advantages Oct 13, 2017

Air heat pump technology from 1924 invention to the present, for a long period of time which has not been fully recognized and used by humans. Heating or the use of traditional gas, or electric heating such a traditional method, because it is relatively simple, more direct. But to the 20th century, 60 years, the world after the energy crisis to give full attention to the sustainable development of the world economy, heat pump to future generations to leave energy and energy resources, we must pay attention to energy conservation and reasonable use. So the world have increased R & D efforts to promote heat pump technology, so the current heat pump technology has been widely used.

Air heat pump with the following eight major advantages:

1, energy efficient: the input power ratio that energy efficiency ratio (COP) is generally between 2 to 6, an average of up to 3 or more.

2, safe and secure: the heating method is completely different from the ordinary electric heating, from the fundamental society of the general electric heating leakage, dry and other security risks, the circuit only control the line without strong electric line connection, to achieve a complete separation of water and electricity.

3, easy installation, environmental protection: can be installed in indoor and outdoor space, balcony, large parking garage, equipment layer, etc., no special equipment room. No waste water waste, waste heat, exhaust emissions, will not produce any pollution to the atmosphere and the environment.

4, automatic energy regulation function: to ensure that the unit summer high temperature environment conditions will not appear overload, winter low temperature environment, stable operation of the unit and maintain a high energy efficiency ratio.

5, modular control function: heat pump composed of multiple units of the hot water system to achieve modular control to ensure that the total running time of each unit is consistent. Unit by the microcomputer control automatic operation, automatic start and stop, no special duty.

6, automatic frost: the unit has anti-frost and defrost function, to ensure that the unit in low temperature environment, stable and reliable performance.

7, automatic timer switch function: the user can set their own machine automatically switch machine time, in order to achieve peak and valley electricity, so that operating costs more provincial.

8, for a wide range: heat pump especially for hotels, sauna bath, beauty salon, guest houses, schools, industrial workers bath, indoor pool water heating.