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Effectiveness Of Ground-source Heat Pump Air Conditioning Sep 27, 2016

Ground-source heat pump air conditioning is generally in the form of central air conditioning installed, ground-source heat pump air conditioning not under the influence of air temperature, refrigeration and heating 40% more than the average central air conditioning efficiency. When the summer heat, ordinary air conditioning from more than more than more than 30 degrees high temperatures draw Outdoor cooling capacity is difficult. But the underground temperature is relatively low, generally around 18 degrees, use a ground source heat pump air conditioner gets cold a lot easier. In the winter, use ordinary air conditioning heating below 0 degrees heat gets rather difficult in the context of this common root causes of household central air conditioning heating effect, but also at cyclic defrost, frequent starts and stops, high energy consumption and heating effects. Ground-source heat pump gets heat from the underground supply heating and air conditioning, and heating effect without defrosting, high efficiency and energy saving.

Ground-source heat pump air conditioning cost

Make the high cost of installing ground-source heat pump air conditioning, General Villa, installation of ground-source heat pump air conditioning price 1 time times higher than the average central air conditioning, and ground-source heat pump air conditioning set installed, concentrate pipeline, so now, domestic residential building construction when installed, so that we can make better use of the surface energy, and reduce costs. From a long-term perspective, use of ground source heat pump air conditioning machine, costs than the average central air conditioning to save 40% daily use, use about 5-7 years to recover its initial investment, significant economic benefits. According to estimates, ground-source heat pump systems 1KW power can get above 4KW heat 5KW or more cooling capacity, and more than 40% than air-source heat pump, than more than half of wall-mounted gas boiler heating, more 70% than other electric heating. In addition, ground-source heat pump uses the long service life and are about 3 times normal central air-conditioning, in the long run, is very good.