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Ground-source Heat Pumps Can Be Used For Building Energy Efficiency Sep 27, 2016

Change heating household metering, how much heat, affordable; for double-insulated glass, insulation increases, both hot and cold insulation and noise ... ... On March 5, the provincial government issued the opinions on speeding up energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, the "Eleven-Five" period, 4.6 million square meters of old houses in the province put on "energy-saving suit."

Push-pull to level of Windows open to the old house in Shanxi province for "energy-saving clothes", first of all, the question of external wall insulation, implemented reform of the envelope, so integration of thermal insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, decorative, as well on the balcony, roof, staircase, verandahs and other parts of the closed, improving the effect of exterior-protected structure of synthetic insulation.

In addition, Windows is the main part of the building cooling. At present, the push-pull Windows is widely used in our homes, offices, but in fact swing better thermal insulation, dust seal. Energy-saving transformation of external window "push-and-pull hinged glass double glass, single, whole body becomes the bridge" reformed to achieve the effect of thermal insulation, dust seal.

Heating to achieve household metering

At present, the heating is based on area, cannot reflect the "use as much heat, how much" product properties. Home heating systems, is the focus of energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, through the transformation to achieve "controlled system of room thermostat, and Ji Re charges."

Heat metering modes will be combined with existing tenants and the heating system to determine. Compared to the original heating systems new, minor renovation room thermostat can be realized, in front of the building to install heat metering matrix method based on heat. The original heating system is old and need to be thoroughly remodeled and achieved on the basis of household control, room thermostat, heat meters will be used.

Promote the use of renewable energy-saving will also actively promote the application of renewable energy, using renewable energy such as solar, geothermal, wind, alternative to fossil energy.

Ground source heat pump technology can achieve high efficiency heating and cooling of buildings, economical, energy-saving and environmental protection. Office buildings and large public building energy saving, give priority to the use of ground source heat pump technology.

Characteristics of solar energy is affordable, energy-saving reconstruction in existing residential buildings must fully consider the use of solar energy. Use solar energy to provide hot water for buildings, heating in winter and cooling in summer. High-end residential area can be combined with photovoltaic cells for buildings to provide electricity. The transformation of the electric lighting, use of natural light as much as possible in public buildings and solar lighting, replacing energy-efficient light fixtures, removing unnecessary exterior landscape lighting.