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Heat Pump Production Key Process Project Control Standard Jul 25, 2017

  Heat pump production key process project control standard

  1, welding:

  The welding equipment is divided into sub-arc welding and brazing. Welding requirements are: full solder joints, no trachoma, Weld, missed welding; at the same time welding firm, rapid, welding does not appear a large area of black oxide, welding surface aesthetics.

  2, leak detection:

  Leakage methods are: halogen leak detection, nitrogen pressure leak detection, water pressure leak detection, soapy water leak. Heat pump Interactive Question: Why is our product system pressure pressure generally require 3.0MPa?

  3, vacuum:

  Using a dedicated vacuum pump for vacuum operation, product system vacuum requirements of not less than 60Pa. At the same time vacuum to complete the parking requirements after the rapid operation of the refrigerant charging to avoid the system into the air. Concern: ① vacuum time ② pumping rate of the impact of thermal system

  4, filled with refrigerant:

  Weighing with electronic weighing. Heat pump In the filling before the pressure gauge tube should be exhaust treatment; filling accuracy range of ± 10g or less.

  5, electrical installation wiring:

  According to the correct wiring circuit, cable reasonable, beautiful, Heat pump plug solid and reliable.

  6, factory inspection:

  According to the factory inspection items and technical requirements for testing. Each product in the production process must meet the above technical requirements before the judge can be qualified, and the process of forming a record of unqualified items. The project generally have: ① listen to noise ② see vibration, friction, collision is not normal; ③ condensation, frost even phenomenon ④ true and accurate data identification ⑤ security items: Heat pump pressure 1800V / S, no breakdown, flash Brand leakage current ≤ 10mA; grounding resistance ≤ 0.1Ω; insulation resistance ≥ 20MΩ.