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Heat Pump Water Heater Easy To Bad? Jun 30, 2017

  Heat pump water heater easy to bad?

  In recent years, heat pump water heater into the home market, providing high-quality hot water to enjoy the user's praise, of course, high price of heat pump water heater, the service life to become one of the concerns of buyers, then the heat pump water heater easy to bad? Heat pump water heater heating principle and air conditioning, the air can better product configuration, the compressor is the heat pump water heater "heart", the price of the total heat pump water heater costs more than 20%, once the compressor damage, the resulting maintenance costs Is quite high, but the user can rest assured that the normal use of the case, the compressor damage rate is very low, life can be as long as 6 years.

  Then the heat pump water heater most likely to damage the parts of what?

  The controller and the motherboard, the controller placed in a random rain or fall into the water into the water burned, the motherboard is unstable due to voltage burned. Poor quality of the pump burned, the temperature sensor used after a period of time the quality of decline, the detection temperature is not allowed to affect the normal work of the unit need to be replaced. The above parts replacement costs are in a few pieces to hundreds of pieces, the cost is not high, the warranty period free replacement.