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Heat Pump Water Heater Is Constant Temperature Jun 30, 2017

  Heat pump water heater is constant temperature, home heat pump water heater mostly use pressure-type insulation tank, the use of tap water pressure to squeeze out the hot water, how much pressure tap water there is much pressure, water can reach the height of hot water can, For example, tap water to the third floor, put the second floor of the tank, hot water can go to the third floor, do not need booster pump. The use of this pressure-type water tank, with hot water immediately added to the cold water, if the heat pump hot water unit heat is less than the demand for hot water, hot water tank will be more and more cold, so should be a reasonable configuration host.

  Heat pump water heater plug in the power supply, long time without hot water, water temperature drop to the set value, the unit will start work, to achieve the purpose of constant temperature.

  Heat pump water heater as a new generation of water heaters, in energy saving, safety, environmental protection, convenience and other aspects of a unique advantage, but the high cost of heat pump water heater production prices led to high prices, restricting the popularity of the domestic market; Winter temperatures in the north can not use heat pump water heaters, the entire household heat pump water heaters and heat pump water heater commercial machine market total only 100 billion, and the water heater market has over 100 billion capacity. Heat pump water heater is not the only, too many competitors, such as solar water heaters, gas water heaters, electric water heaters and so on.