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Heat Pump Water Heater Power? Oct 31, 2017

Some users reflect the home use of the heat pump water heater power consumption, which is divided into two cases, one is to start using the heat pump water heater power consumption has been unusually large, the other is the winter power consumption or installation or use for some time After the heat pump water heater power consumption than before increased. According to the above two cases, Xiaobian to sum up the heat pump water heater to increase the following aspects of power consumption:

First, the temperature sensor (probe) failure or improper installation of the probe position: heat pump water heater (host) to open the main water temperature to enter the host to determine the water temperature below the set temperature (default 45 degrees) the host is turned on to set the temperature (default 55 If the temperature sensor fails (the quality of the oxidized mass of the copper probe is reduced) or the installation position is improper, the detected water temperature is lower than the actual inlet temperature, and the hot water will always burn To 60 degrees, greatly increasing the power consumption, and even the compressor will appear high-voltage protection host can not work, when the user found no hot water, restart the host, but also can work, repeated this phenomenon (when the above phenomenon should be found Reason, troubleshooting, rather than simply restart the machine trouble).

Second, the evaporator plot dust serious, poor water quality in the area of serious scaling, greatly reducing the heat transfer area, increase power consumption, severe compressor pressure protection.

Third, set the target water temperature is higher (such as 60 degrees), use part of the hot water after the hot water temperature is still high (50 degrees above), the heat pump water heater has been working in the higher temperature section, heat transfer efficiency, Power consumption.

Fourth, the winter power consumption increased: the summer weather temperature is higher, heat pump water heater water production is greater than the demand for hot water; winter weather temperature is low, heat pump water heater water production is less than the demand for hot water, unit working hours doubled (normal ). Note: heat pump water heater on the nameplate water production is the ambient temperature of 20 degrees, the water temperature of 15 degrees under the conditions of the test results; with the ambient temperature decreases, heat pump water heater heating failure serious, when the ambient temperature is less than 5 degrees Hour defrosting for 10 minutes, defrosting from heating to refrigeration, in addition to increased power consumption, but also reduces the hot water temperature. Can be seen, we selected the heat pump water heater, the minimum temperature should be designed in winter, to avoid the small horse pull carts, increase the unit power consumption load, reduce the compressor life.

Fifth, the tank is not insulated or poor insulation, pipe network is not insulation or poor insulation, installed backwater system will increase power consumption.