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Residential Heat Pumps To Be Placed Sideways May 31, 2017

  Point 1: Residential Heat Pumps to be placed sideways

  For the Residential Heat Pumps commonly used pipeline shield pump, the pump must be installed to ensure that the motor shaft and ground level, so the installation of the water to the sideways, if installed vertically, not only will affect the pump life, but also because the pump temperature is too high and burned The

  Shield pump structure, if the pump installed vertically, the middle of the thrust bearing will wear quickly, thus affecting the service life.

  There is a thrust bearing inside the pump, is graphite, if not the level of installation, the force will focus on the thrust bearing inside, a long time will wear more and more thin, the impeller and the pump will be friction, so the pump life So reduced.

  In addition, the cooling of the pump is cooled by the medium, if the vertical installation, the media will flow poor, so the motor can not be a good cooling. In this way, the temperature of the pump because it can not be timely cooling and too high, a long time easy to burn the motor. This year, many of the Beijing coal to electricity project is installed vertically, touch the hand can feel the pump temperature is very high, so run a short time on the bad, it must be rectification Caixing.

  Point 2: installed in the lower part of the system circulation

  In addition, in order to make the pump work better, do not install the top of the system or higher, but should be installed in the lower part of the system at the circulation.

  The pump should be installed in the lower position of the system

  If the pump installation position is too high, the system top pressure is relatively small, when the lower than the working temperature of the corresponding saturation pressure, will cause a part of the liquid evaporation (ie vaporization). Evaporation of the bubble into the high pressure area, the pressure suddenly condensation, so the surrounding liquid to complement here, resulting in hydraulic shock. This phenomenon is also called cavitation. Cavitation process is unstable, will make the pump vibration and noise, while the bubble will block the impeller channel, resulting in head, flow reduction, efficiency.

  In addition, the higher position of the system may have gas accumulation, and even lead to dry water pump dry phenomenon, if the treatment is not timely, but also burn the motor.