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Swimming Pool Heat Pump Unit Configuration Jun 15, 2017

  Swimming pool heat pump unit configuration

  1. The use of international brands for high temperature conditions dedicated compressor, energy efficiency is higher, in a long time under adverse conditions to ensure a strong heating.

  2. Thermal expansion adaptive adjustment technology: the use of adaptive adjustment thermostat expansion valve throttling, precise and subtle control of refrigerant flow to ensure that the system under any conditions in the best work.Swimming pool heat pump To avoid the refrigerant too much on the impact of the compressor to prevent burning compressor, reduce the energy consumption of the unit to reduce the wear and tear on the compressor to reduce noise.

  3. Intelligent defrost technology: According to the different conditions of frost on the system, skip the traditional regular defrost technology, the implementation of intelligent cream mode, intelligent judgment on the frost on the evaporator to make the corresponding defrost treatment, the system automatically Collect and determine the coil temperature and ambient temperature data, to avoid frost frost phenomenon, resulting in energy loss.

  4. Intelligent automatic operation, free maintenance: heat pump intelligent automatic operation, a set, you can achieve automatic replenishment, automatic heating and other functions, and free to set the boot time to meet the peak demand for electricity.

  5. Heat transfer technology: high efficiency internal thread: increase the wall of the heat transfer area, control the flow of refrigerant loss, improve heat transfer efficiency.

  6. High-performance fins:Swimming pool heat pump the use of non-water, fouling fins, to ensure rapid removal of moisture after the frost, to ensure that the system heat transfer effect.

  7. The use of titanium tube heat exchanger, water quality health: titanium tube heat exchanger, longer life, the human body completely harmless,Swimming pool heat pump more resistant to corrosion, so that water quality is more healthy, long-term to maintain heating efficiency.