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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Effectively Improve The Safety And Flexibility Of The Pool Heating And Constant Temperature Oct 20, 2017

Swimming pool heat pump is a new type of swimming water heating equipment in the world today. It uses fluorine-free environmental protection refrigerant, built-in titanium coil heat exchanger, directly absorb the low-grade heat in the air to heat or maintain the pool water temperature, thoroughly Breaking the dependence on the ore fuel to heat the pattern, effectively improve the swimming pool heating and constant temperature safety and flexibility, especially for villa swimming pool, club pool, large swimming pool use.

Swimming pool heat pump integrated in the constant temperature and humidity machine equipment, equipment, fans from the pool room into the warm and humid air. The air flows through the evaporator coil and heat is transferred to the refrigerant. Liquid refrigerant flows through the evaporator into a gaseous state, and then into the equipment compressor, compressed into a high humidity gaseous refrigerant. During the entry of the compressor, the refrigerant absorbs the energy used to operate the compressed, which flows through the air reheat coil and the water cooler.

The pool heat pump uses air to reheat the coil, the high-humidity gaseous refrigerant and the cooler air from the evaporator to heat the heat to the air, so that the air temperature rises after heating, and then Heat the heated air to the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps When heated to the swimming pool, high-humidity gaseous refrigerant flows into the water cooler, transfers heat to the pool, passes through the heated water and returns to the pool. Pool heat pump to complete the water heating process.

With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of health care, swimming is not just a sports competition, more and more people like to swim fitness. In recent years, a variety of public swimming pools, private pools, bathing, SPA increased, so people on the pool water temperature heating equipment in the energy saving, environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher. At present, many indoor and outdoor standard swimming pool, recreational pool, massage pool, sauna and so on are considered to require constant temperature function facilities, put into use in the winter. In the outdoor temperature is low, the pool of water outside the distribution of a lot of heat, so that the water temperature decreases. Like the pool of heat pump products in which has been widely used.