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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Improves The Safety And Flexibility Of Pool Heating And Constant Temperature Effectively Sep 13, 2017

The swimming pool heat pump is a new type of water heating constant temperature equipment in the world today. It uses the fluorine-free environmental protection refrigerant, the built-in titanium coil heat exchanger, directly absorbs the low grade heat energy in the air, heats or maintains the swimming pool water temperature, completely broke the dependence ore fuel to heats up the pattern, effectively enhances the swimming pool heating and the constant temperature security and the flexibility , especially suitable for Villa swimming pool, clubhouse swimming pool, large swimming pool use.

Swimming Pool heat pump integrated in the constant temperature and humidity machine equipment, the equipment of the fan from the pool room into the warm and humid air. The air flows through the evaporator coil and heat energy is passed to the refrigerant. Liquid refrigerant flows through the evaporator into a gaseous state, and then into the compressor of the device, compressed into a high humidity gaseous refrigerant. During the entry into the compressor, refrigerant absorbs the energy used to manipulate the compression, which is then flowed through the air reheat coil and the water condenser.

Swimming Pool heat pump in the air heating, the use of air reheat coil, high humidity gaseous refrigerant with the cooler air from the evaporator to exchange energy, the heat transfer to the air, so that the air temperature rise to achieve the purpose of heating, and then the heated air transport to the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool heat pump in the pool of water heating, the high humidity gaseous refrigerant into the water condenser, heat transfer to the swimming pool, after the heated water back to the swimming pool. The pool heat pump completes the heating process of the pond.

Efficient energy-saving, heat pump is not heat transfer equipment, but heat handling equipment, the use of the principle of the reverse Carnot cycle, heat transfer from low temperature to high temperature, so heat pump in from the low-temperature to high-temperature heat transfer process can produce several times increased energy.

Super Energy-saving products: Input 1-degree electricity can output 3-4 degrees of power.

High power: Single machine output power can meet all kinds of high-power heating or refrigeration occasions, small footprint.

Long service life: The normal life of the host up to 15-20 years.

High safety performance: water and electricity isolation, no open flame, no leakage, to ensure personal safety, it is the safest product.

Green Environmental Protection: the use of heat pump technology, and other conventional hot water equipment (such as: fuel boilers, gas boilers, electric boilers, etc.) compared to save 65%~80% operating costs, pollution-free environment.

With the development of our country's economy and the improvement of people's living standard, people's awareness of health care is not only a sport competition, but more and more people like to swim and exercise. In recent years, a variety of public swimming pools, private swimming pools, bathing, spa, and therefore, people on the swimming pool water temperature heating equipment in the energy-saving, environmental protection requirements with more and more high. At present, many indoor and outdoor standard swimming pool, recreational swimming pool, massage pool, sauna pool and so on are required to have a constant temperature function facilities, put into use in winter. When the outdoor temperature is low, the swimming pool emits a lot of heat to reduce the water temperature. Like pool heat pump products in which a wide range of applications.