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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps So That The Pool Water Is Heated And Kept At A Constant Temperature Nov 03, 2017

The so-called pool heat pump, is the use of corrosion-resistant titanium tube water heat exchanger, and the same principle of ordinary heat pump, the pool water is heated and maintain a constant temperature.

Operating mode

PHNIX swimming pool temperature dehumidification heat pump is divided into integrated and split, the following describes the mode of operation:

PHNIX integrated pool thermostat dehumidifier:

1. Swimming pool dehumidification operation:

The warm and humid air in the swimming pool flows through the dehumidifier. A part of the indoor air is discharged to the outside. The other part of the air is dehumidified and mixed with the fresh air. The dehumidified air is then delivered to the room for dehumidification.

2 swimming pool temperature + dehumidification operation:

The warm, humid air in the pool's room flows through the dehumidifier and the heat is drawn in to keep the pool's water temperature constant. In the process, a part of the air in the room is discharged to the outside, and the other part of the air is dehumidified and mixed with the fresh air to be sent to the room to achieve the dehumidification effect.

PHNIX split pool thermostat dehumidifier:

1. Swimming pool heated heating operation:

Pool thermostat dehumidification unit using heat pump technology, through the air heat exchanger to absorb low-grade heat in the air used to heat the pool water, and to maintain a constant water temperature.

2. Refrigeration (dehumidification) operation:

Swimming pool thermostat dehumidifier with dehumidification cabinet technology principle of heat pump indoor pool by absorbing heat in the indoor air to achieve indoor dehumidification, while the outdoor air heat exchanger condensate exhaust heat to the outside, to achieve an independent dehumidification operation.

3. Pool heating + cooling (dehumidification) operation:

Swimming pool thermostat dehumidifier with dehumidification cabinet technology principle of heat pump, indoor pool by absorbing indoor air heat to achieve indoor dehumidification environment, while the outdoor plate heat exchanger (titanium) to achieve pool water heating and to maintain a constant water temperature.

4. Comfortable dehumidification operation:

The pool thermostat dehumidifier works in conjunction with the dehumidification hood to dehumidify the pool environment by absorbing heat from the indoor pool air (part of the room air is vented to the outside and part of it is dehumidified before returning to the room), which is used to heat Outdoor fresh air into the room and dehumidified air. Indoor air temperature is adjusted to achieve a pleasant temperature and comfortable environment.

Before you understand pool heat pump applications, you need to know about the related upstream and downstream industries.

1, the definition of the industrial chain: that is, from one or several resources through a number of industrial levels continue to transfer downstream industries to reach the consumer path, it contains four meanings: First, the industrial chain is the industry level expression. Second, the industrial chain is the expression of the degree of industrial relations. The stronger the industrial connection, the closer the chain, the more efficient the allocation of resources. Third, the industrial chain is the expression of the depth of resource processing. The length of the industry chain, indicating the depth of processing can reach the depth. Fourth, the industrial chain is to meet the demand level of expression. The industrial chain begins with natural resources and ends in the consumer market, but the starting and ending points are not fixed.

2. Industrial chain model is an industrial analysis framework that includes upstream industries (raw materials, etc.), downstream markets (consumer markets), industries themselves (product manufacturing, R & D), and distribution trade logistics services. It can systematically analyze the industry chain.

3, the upstream of the pool heat pump Mainly refers to the metal, plastic and other raw materials such as steel, plastics and other manufacturers; pool heat pump pool construction, the development of its benefits from the swimming pool in people's lives in the wide promotion.

With the economic development in our country and the improvement of people's provincial capital level, people's awareness of fitness and health care has been enhanced. Swimming has become more than just a sports competition. More and more people like to swim and exercise. In recent years, a variety of public swimming pools, private pools, bathing, SPA increased, therefore, people swimming pool water temperature heating equipment in the energy saving, environmental protection requirements are higher and higher.

At present, many outdoor standard swimming pool, recreational swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna pool, etc. are considered require constant temperature function of the facilities, put into use in winter. When the outdoor temperature is low, the pool water exudes a lot of heat, so that the water temperature is reduced. The calculation of the amount of heat required for swimming pool water is a complex task that has given pool heat pump products a wide range of applications.

Pool heat pumps and heat exchangers together form a pool heating system.