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Swimming Pool Heat PumpsImprove Air Quality Aug 25, 2017

The temperature and humidity control of the air in the indoor pool is an important issue, the pool thermostatic dehumidification equipment is the necessary equipment for the indoor pool. Because the indoor pool of chlorine water vapor is not only makes people feel damp, uncomfortable, but also on the museum buildings and decorations cause serious corrosion.

Dedicated swimming pool heat pump first swimming pool hot and humid air out, dehumidification and heat treatment and then back to the swimming pool. In the process, the pool dedicated dehumidification pump continued to draw a certain amount of fresh air to add the swimming pool to ensure that the swimming pool air quality. And a large part of the energy used to heat the fresh air comes from the recycling of heat in the hot and humid air of the swimming pool, thus reducing the energy consumption required for swimming pool and water heating.

Strong fans and a reasonable ventilation duct layout, so that the various locations within the pool of air can be controlled in a constant temperature range. The rational use of the throttle valve, the swimming pool showed a slight negative pressure, thus preventing the swimming pool air flow to other places, to avoid the swimming pool of other buildings and decorations damage. Automatic swimming pool heat pump automatic air monitoring device, you can automatically detect the quality of the swimming pool air, and automatic control equipment at any time to the swimming pool to add fresh air to improve the quality of the swimming pool air.

The well-designed heat pump system in a dedicated desiccant heat pump system has an automatic flip function. In the hot summer months, it is easy to turn the pool dehumidifier into a powerful air conditioner to solve the summer heat in the swimming pool. To give visitors a refreshing water world.