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The Swimming Pool Heat Pump Is Used For Heating The Swimming Pool Jun 15, 2017

  The swimming pool heat pump is used for heating the swimming pool, keeping the water constant temperature and giving the user a comfortable feeling.

  Working principle of swimming pool heat pump

  Swimming Pool Heat Pump unit is based on the compression refrigeration cycle, using refrigerant as the carrier, through the forced heat transfer fan. The refrigerant circulates in the system under the action of the compressor. It completes the gaseous step-up heating process in the compressor (temperature up to 100 Shan), it enters the heat exchanger to release high temperature heat to heat the water, at the same time, it is cooled and converted to flow liquid, when it runs to the receiver, the liquid rapidly endothermic evaporation into the gaseous, at the same time the temperature to 20 Shan, when the air around the receiver will continue to transfer low-temperature heat to the refrigerant. The refrigerant circulates continuously to realize the low temperature heat in the air transforms into the high temperature heat and heats the cold water process.

  Indoor swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification heat pump unit in the indoor air dehumidification at the same time confiscated to keep the indoor air in a constant state. In order to save energy, the equipment in the process of the full recovery of air heat, recycled heat through the regeneration system to the pool of air or water heating, to ensure that indoor air in a constant temperature state. The condensation water produced by the addition of temperature can be discharged directly into the outdoor or reclaimed pool to replenish the pond.

  Considering indoor air quality, the thermostatic heat pump unit is equipped with fresh air treatment function and exhaust air function.

  Considering the operating cost of thermostatic heat pump unit, the humidity of indoor air can be adjusted in spring and autumn season with a large amount of outdoor humidity, which reduces the operating cost.

  In order to prevent the cycle air to affect the service life of equipment, the equipment in the manufacturing process of key components, sheet metal structure all take anti-corrosion treatment, compressors, distribution cabinets and control systems and wind systems are isolated from each other.