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Trial Operation Of Air-source Heat Pump This Winter Sep 27, 2016

Heard of coal-fired heating, gas heating, that you heard about air heating? Compressed air, which extracted heat is used for heating in winter, this air-source heat pumps is expected this winter in Urumqi railway Bureau and South Mountain runs two pilot heating.

The so-called ultra low temperature air source heat pumps, is to air as a heat source for heating or hot water supply device, works with air is somewhat similar. Is compressed air, the heat energy extracted, instead of the traditional coal-fired or gas to heat circulating water heat supply system to realize heating in winter.

"Air source heat pumps do not need coal and natural gas, part only compressors consume electricity. And the heat source in the 35% from power and 65% are basically heat energy from the air, on the same power consumption, air-source heat pump heat is 3 to 4 times times the ordinary electric pump. So running costs much less than coal, natural gas or electricity to heat. ”

Most importantly, because heat pumps are electric and air, so the whole process almost no emissions, more environmentally friendly. In addition, air source heat pump not heating in winter, you can also use this system to offer heat Home hot water, the use of heat is also more fully.

It is reported that this ultra low temperature air source heat pumps already in winter temperatures similar to those of Shenyang, the capital was running 4 heating period. Heating this winter and next spring, Urumqi railway Bureau about 27,000 square meters and Nanshan in two pilot regions will be used that air-source heat pump for heating. At present, pilot regions are conceptual communication, negotiation, and other details.